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Create amazing enterprise videos in 15 minutes on your smartphone

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video on smartphone

The future of video has arrived

Steve Jobs revolutionized the world when he launched the first modern smartphone.
In addition to a computer in our pocket, we now have an ultra powerful camera, with professional rendering.
The smartphone is the future of video.

Why is that ?
It allows agility. Produce videos everywhere, at any time.

It is democratic. Choose the most widespread tool on our planet.
It’s all in one. Use this pocket studio that can manage shooting, editing and broadcasting.

Video innovation is here, and it’s already in your pocket.

Your corporate video in 3 steps


Guided storyboarding

Kannelle offers a variety of inspiring scenarios: events, tutorials, interviews…
They can be adapted to any of your needs.

Filming assistant

Guided video shooting

To create quality video, proper shooting is key.
Kannelle guides you in real time for a professional result.


Intelligent automatic editing

It’s almost magical !
In just a few seconds, editing is done and ready: rush editing, graphic design, captioning, music, etc.
Your video is ready to be shared.

Back-office platform

Stay in control

With Kannelle, professional video production has become affordable.
Keep control over your in-house productions thanks to our back-office platform.
User management, content moderation, usage dashboard and much more.

Use case: video for every function in the company

Create orignal videos

Stand out from your competition!

How to stand out? By producing original content.
Use your own images by staging your collaborators, filming your events and showing your business gestures.
And with Kannelle, it’s even easier than using an image bank!
Don’t look like your competitors, be yourself.

video for all

Ride the wave of collaborative video!

The wave of content created by your collaborators is inevitable.

But let’s be clear: it can be scary.
 it also comes with deep employee engagement. It’s pride and a sense of belonging that drive your teams to produce these videos of your business!

Knowing how to capture the power of creation of the talents within your company, and how to amplify it how the 21st-century enterprise communicates. 
And this is possible, while avoiding chaotic production cycles!

With Kannelle, give your collaborators the means to create videos easily while keeping control and sticking to your brand identity.
 Surf the video-for-everyone wave.

What our customers have to say

Kannelle lets me create videos in 15 mins so I can post to social networks in real time during events.

Projet manager

Video has become essential to our social media presence. And Kannelle makes it easy to produce.

Director of EDHEC

Kannelle has been an opportunity to refresh our comms because it's an easy-to-use solution for all.

Network Comms