5 benefits of the Content Factory in marketing/sales

The content factory is a term used to describe a team that produces digital content such as blog articles, white papers, SEO videos, guides, product sheets, etc. This team develops content marketing and is responsible for creating relevant content. This team develops content marketing and is responsible for creating relevant content. Its objective: to attract customers and prospects to the company’s website. In fact, content marketing attracts 3 times more customers than outbound marketing and costs 62% less (Demand Metric)!

This content production, when thought through with the sales team, can serve salespeople in many ways. By feeding inbound marketing, which aims to educate prospects, sales cycles can be shortened and salespeople can convert more quickly. By organising and even scripting social selling, the Communications and Content team can help salespeople to animate their relationship with their prospects on Linkedin and to close their deals, or even to increase their overall value.

In short, setting up a content factory can help your sales people throughout the sales cycle, from lead generation to closing. 

Why is it so powerful?

1. Content marketing improves the visibility of the company

Putting articles and videos on your website will help you to be better referenced from an SEO point of view by increasing the chances of appearing on the first page of search engines. Prospects can find the brand more easily and sales people can save time on canvassing through inbound marketing. It’s easier to call when the prospect already knows you, right?

2. Your marketing displays a more authentic image 

Authenticity is a value that is becoming more and more attractive. By producing your own content, you can be sure that the articles or videos produced reflect the company’s vision and know-how. This will convince prospects of your added value and give them the push they need to add you to their shortlist!

A little tip: for more authenticity, remember to use your own images as much as possible rather than picking from an image bank, especially if your competitors are already using them.

3. In-sourcing allows for rapid creation of personalised content

Creating content internally often means being more reactive because you already have all the necessary resources: it becomes possible to respond quickly to the needs of prospects and customers. You can even produce articles or guides on specific subjects or markets! For example, when the sales representative wants to convince the prospect of his knowledge, expertise and references in a specific field, the Content Factory team can create a dedicated article or video. 

4. Giving your experts a voice to convince

It is obvious that your employees have a better understanding of the company’s issues than an external person. So with in-house production, the subjects discussed will be better mastered and better explained! If a prospect or customer wants information on a specific topic, the salesperson can send them content written by the Content Factory team that will present an expert view on the topic, and save time. And if face-to-face meetings or visits to production sites are not possible, videos or interviews can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular market or prospect.

5. The content factory to inspire and convert prospects  

By offering content that interests prospects rather than purely commercial content, the company helps them to form a good impression of the brand, the teams and the products. It’s also an opportunity to give prospects a good dose of insight and inspiration – which can even make a deal bigger! And once you’ve made a good impression and demonstrated your mastery and professionalism throughout the sales cycle, it will be easier for the salesperson to sign – some even admit that since they’ve been using more relevant content, the discounts to be offered in closing have decreased.

In short, the creation of an in-house content factory allows the creation of as many articles and videos as the company wishes without relying on external resources, allowing content to be adapted and personalised according to the needs of the sales team.
So, are you convinced? For us, it’s obvious: in-house content production helps salespeople to maintain their relationship with their prospects by offering quality content that meets their needs at every stage of the sales cycle and commercial negotiation.

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