22 easy-to-make business video ideas and how to produce them

Video has become an essential format for catching attention. In fact, according to Statista, 77% of 15-35 year olds in the US use YouTube, and 80% of parents of children aged 11 and under claim their children also use it, according to the PEW Research Center. Adopting video in your communication strategy is a great way to win the war for attention!

The only problem is: how to make a business video easily? Going through an agency like Sublight, NoGood or Sandwich Video is a qualitative solution, and it can save you time. Nonetheless, outsourcing the production process has a cost (between 1 200€ and 50 000€). You may therefore prefer in-house production, but it also raises several questions. How should you organize your team? Should you centralize the production or trust your employees? How to carry out all production stages? Shooting on camera, editing on a computer, integrating  branding elements thanks to a specific software, generating subtitles, sharing the video on a smartphone: all these steps can take a lot of time, and you mightn’t  know where to start.

But don’t panic! The following 23 examples prove that you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg or have access to Pixar studio to create great business videos.  

And to help you get started, we explain at the end of the article how to make creating and sharing business videos easy and effective through 13 tips. Boosting your content marketing, training your teams or livening up life at your company has never been as easy as with video! 

Our top 23 examples of easy-to-make business videos

1# The CEO’s greetings 

CEO greetings video

Why is this video interesting? 🤩

Maurice Lévy, CEO of Publicis Group, shares his wishes for 2017 with a lot of humor and self-deprecation. The video is only 3 minutes long and settles for a single shot, in an office being moved since a successor has (finally) been appointed, even as Maurice Lévy says he’s optimistic about the future of Publicis. 

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼

No music, no editing, just one shot, and a man talking (with a lot of humor). Finally, it is super easy to shoot, just with a smartphone.

2# Employer Brand Video

Adidas employer brand video

Why is this video interesting? 🤩

Employees working at Adidas Group Amsterdam  explain in a few words what they like about their company. 

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼

This time, we appreciate the diversity of speakers and the simplicity of the shots: the speakers are facing the interviewer, not the camera, which brings authenticity. The alternation of interviews and shots where employees are working and practicing sports contributes to the dynamism of this video..  Basically, you just need your employees, and your brand to make this video! 

3# The director’s interview 

Boss interview

Why is this video interesting? 🤩

Pierre Amann, managing director of Bouygues Telecom Enterprise OnCloud, answers questions in this interview. 

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼

We like the question cards which introduce each answer, and the embedded logo. The video is posted directly on Linkedin, the most interesting network for content aimed at professionals! Your boss, a Linkedin account, and the job’s done.

By the way, this video was made with Kannelle😉

4# The vlog “A day with the team”

A day with easy video

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

To share life at Kannelle, where everyone works remotely, team members filmed various moments during their day. The result is a dynamic compilation of what life is like at home, giving an idea of the atmosphere and quality of life when working at Kannelle.

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

We appreciate the moving-around and varied shots, sometimes filmed with a smartphone held at arm’s length 😉Employees living in different locations and showing different hobbies add variety. You don’t need much more! 

5# The spontaneous, punchy interview

Punchy Q&A interview

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

This is French media startup Konbini’s most famous format for celebrity interviews! A card offers two choices, and it is followed by a filmed sequence during which the interviewee chooses his or her favourite proposal from the previous screen. The spontaneity, the rhythm, the dynamic music make these videos super attractive! 

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

All you need to do is prepare your choices in advance (if possible, come up with tough choices that will make your interviewee stumble or laugh), and make an appointment with your interviewee to answer your questions! Then it’s all a matter of editing: card, answer, card, answer… Quick quick, let’s get on with it!

6# Video made remotely with zoom

Orchestre National de France play music remotely

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

We suggest you watch this video of the Orchestre National de France, which was a hit at the beginning of the first lockdown. The orchestra performs Ravel’s Bolero with each musician joining in from their living room . We love to see the musicians come in  one by one to join the group and the melody.

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

Here’s what you need: video conferencing software like Zoom, Skype or Google Meet, and a screen recorder like Quicktime Player. And your team, of course – without asking them to play the Bolero though. That’s it.

7# The product presentation video

Product presentation

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

To introduce its companion robot Cutii to elderly and dependent people, the robotic startup  has produced a concise video, featuring Brigitte, a user of the robot. We can clearly see her using the robot in her daily life. We like the simplicity and clarity of the video, as well as the integrated subtitles that are particularly well suited to the target population. The brand also produces video tutorials to explain how to use the robot to this non-technophile population! 

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

Your customer or employee using the product, your smartphone, some shots from different angles and of different features. And that’s it, yes. Why make it complicated? 

8# The mini-report

Gucci's behind-the-scenes video

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

To promote the savoir-faire of Gucci’s craftsmen, the brand decided to edit a short video on how the Diana bag is assembled. The shots are short, the editing is fast and dynamic (with stop motion animation), and there is no voice or dialogue. Instead, background music is bringing a magical atmosphere to the video. 

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

Setting aside stop motion animations, which can get tricky and time consuming, anybody can produce mini-reports. Your smartphone can be carried everywhere: construction sites, real estate properties, department stores, workshops… Everywhere! So all you have to do is… film. We told you that business video was easy!

9# Event video

Video of Coachella event

Why is this video interesting ? 🤩

To highlight the best moments of Coachella 2016, the festival gathered videos of both the audience and the performance. The majority of them are in slow-motion, and apart from some drone sequences, all the images are juste videos of the audience having fun.

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼

A festival you participate in, a smartphone, an editing app letting you apply slow-motion. And you are done.

10# The simple and effective version of the Public Relations video

Public relations video idea

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

 Uber’s competitor Lyft had the idea to offer customers an “XL ride” and film their reactions to gain visibility..

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

Clearly the hardest part is to find a funny activity or game that could provoke funny reactions from your participants. Again, just turn your smartphone on and film people: nothing more simple! It might be noticed by a journalist keen on juicy and original content…especially if you share this on twitter 

11# The awareness video for charities

Video idea for charities

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

To raise awareness about animal abandonment, i Film Heroes creates videos to highlight “Heroes who don’t wear capes” and volunteer in shelters to help animals find their forever homes.  

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

The video is literally just about filming the speaker, speaking about the cause and explaining why it should be fought for. The speaker is personally involved in this cause as they own a special needs dog. Again, authenticity and expertise is the key to engage viewers. 

12# The announcement video

Make an announcement in video

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

In order to announce the reopening of French Museums, France 24 English decided to dedicate a video to visitors and museums workers.  The shots are varied (visitors being interviewed while visiting vs workers being asked about their feelings more formally, during an appointed interview)).

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

You will need: what you want to announce or ask, a smartphone, a tripod to make the sequences steady, and a simple editing app to make it all flow. That’ll be all.

13# Microlearning and training video

Business School video idea

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

To train its future entrepreneurs, EDHEC Business School produces short microlearning videos to teach them the basics of entrepreneurship. The short format and the videos created by theme make it easy to find your way through the training. The question cards also make it easy to find your way around, previewing the sequences through the navigation on the Youtube playbar. Thus, if a particular question is of interest to you, you can scroll to the card to watch that particular sequence.

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

Prepare your training topics, and make them into super-easy-to-understand videos. Add in an expert speaker on the subject and a structured plan, and you’re good to go.

14# The easy Employer Brand video, vlog type

Corporate video idea

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

Microsoft has compiled the footage directly filmed by its employees into a film about a working day at the company. The aim is also to show how pleasant it is to work at Microsoft. They use selfie shots, where employees share their thoughts and reflections on work and mix these with drone footage.. This video is great to foster their employer brand. We like the great variety of shots and speakers (a bit more numerous than the Kannelle exemple earlier), and the calm and relaxing music, which fits the inspirational speech sequences.

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

Each employee films what they can, when they can. And then it’s just a matter of selecting and ordering the footage. The easiest video editing ever! 

15# The “A day with” video in companies

A day with video

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

This time, you follow a specific HSBC employee, Adriene. The music is in rhythm with the transitions between the sequences: we love it! The changes of rhythm, in the music as well as in the image (alternating between slow-motion, live footage, interviews), and the voice-over make the video very professional.

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

An employee (not necessarily an international athlete) agrees to film his day or be followed by your comms team. The brief is to film only short sequences to facilitate the editing. Then select and paste together the highlights, and you’re all set!

16# The video on the company values

Spotify easy culture video

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

To showcase its values, attract new employees and boost its employer brand, Spotify made a 2-minute video giving its employees a voice. We like the dynamic and well-tuned music (being Spotify, they had to nail this), the smooth transitions, the integrated subtitles and the overlay of Spotify colors to introduce each employee as he or she speaks.

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

Again, all you need are your employees and your brand design elements. A few adjustments in the editing process, add the music, and you’re done! 

17# CSR video made easy

Ben & Jerry's' CSR easy video

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

To highlight its commitment to CSR, Ben & Jerry’s takes its audience inside the company to meet its employees.. Alternating between landscape and factory footage and close-up shots , while using interviews as voice-over makes this video feel dynamic and genuine. The names and positions of each interviewee are presented on a lower-third banner matching Ben & Jerry’s’ visual identity (font and brand colours). The frank tone of their terviewees makes the video resonate even more. “Sometimes we succeed at that, sometimes we don’t. But we are not faking it” – Andy Barker, Social Mission Coordinator.

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

Although it looks a bit more technical than other examples here because of  the continuous voice-over, this video can be easily reproduced.  You’ll need some editing software: a classic editing software like iMovie or a complete solution like Kannelle. Film footage on premises, interview employees, and sweat through a little bit of editing to make everything look neat, and that’s it! 

18# Animated storytelling

Whiteboard video

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

You have probably come across this type of whiteboard video once in your life. This is because they are very educational and useful to share information and knowledge: the “drawn” animation forces the creator to keep it simple in his explanations, and also lets the audience visualize and assimilate information. This type of video is very playful and particularly effective for training.

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

No, you don’t need to be Picasso. In fact, there are several solutions that allow you to create your own illustrations by drawing from a bank of images. You can use Explee for example. All you have to do is focus on what you want to talk about, and think a little bit about storytelling. Not too complicated, right? If you need to be inspired, Steven Johnson (featured here) made a video about “Where good ideas come from”. Go and check it!

19# “Highlights of the year” corporate video with Danone

Danone corporate video

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

Instead of a classic corporate film, Danone decided to compile footage filmed throughout the year by its employees in their daily lives. The voice-over, which tells the history of the company, and the music make the video very professional. This 2-minute film alternates between  videos filmed with a smartphone or a camera and photos, making the whole thing authentic, relatable and professional. Without having to resort to image bank clichés.

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

You just need to trust your employees. Then select and  assemble footage to match your story. Add some good royalty-free music in the background, sprinkle a dash of narration. An intro and an outro, let simmer. Enjoy!  

20# The teaser video

Event teaser in video

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

To encourage guests to visit the Kannelle stand at the 2020 Digital Workplace Fair , our CEO Carole made a teaser for the event. The video is very simple, which makes it possible to convey the essential information to visitors: date, time and place are displayed directly on screen. Integrated subtitles make it easy to understand and watch the video anywhere, and the logo overlay helps to make the company visible.

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

Because we made it with Kannelle…. 15 minutes is all that it took. Our app allowed us to make this video with branded elements, subtitles and integrated text animation. Yes, business video is easy. Especially with Kannelle.

21# The video recap

Make a recap in video

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

Following her participation in the Mobile Video Meeting, Carole, our CEO, wanted to recap the event. By filming a single shot, facing the camera, with integrated subtitles, she facilitates the understanding of information. She structured her video in 5 points, made clearly visible by numbers displayed on screen at the beginning of each point. The video is therefore very clear and dynamic! And we managed to post this video tThe day after the event. Useful to shine on social networks.

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

I’m sure you’ve already guessed… the answer takes one word? Kannelle. 🙂 

22# Video to enhance expertise, research and development

Easy video made with Kannelle

Why is this video interesting? 🤩 

To highlight its members, Réseau C.U.R.I.E., an association promoting scientific research profiles them in video interviews! The interviews are very natural, and the questions are rather personal, which brings the audience closer to the interviewees. This highlights the expertise and importance of research and development!

How easy is this business video to make? 👏🏼 

Because Kannelle + experts = super easy and interesting business videos. Made very quickly. 

23# Bonus : clips shot with the iPhone and their making-off

Even for more complicated audiovisual productions, smartphones have proven themselves very effective! Not convinced yet? Lady Gaga’s and Selena Gomez’s music videos were shot with an iPhone… And to prove it, their teams have released making-offs, another great type of video to bring authenticity to your content. Shall we have a look?

Video clip shot on iPhone
Music clip shot on smartphone

Finally, all these videos, can be made with a smartphone. To go faster, Kannelle lets you automatically brand your videos, integrate subtitles, insert text boxes between your sequences, film your shots in the best possible way, and even  hand the job over to your collaborators by preparing customized storyboards… What a super easy way to make the best business videos! 

Making business video easy to create: our secret tools to make production easier 

When we think about video creation, we think about shooting first. But don’t forget the preliminary steps! Indeed, to avoid being utterly panicked during the video creation process (oh my god, 11370 rushes to edit?!), you must not neglect planning the production.

How to prepare a shoot easily?

Without preparation, the risks are: 

  • Shooting by trial and error, and therefore lengthening the shooting time
  • Multiplying takes while shooting, and thus lengthening editing time as you have to select which ones to keep 
  • In the case of an interview, make the subject feel uncomfortable and confused by being stressed yourself

Hence the absolute necessity to prepare your shoots in advance. 

1# Objectives

First of all, answer the following questions yourself, to frame the mood of the video and the way you will want to shoot: 

  1. Why shoot this video?
  2. Who is it for? 
  3. What will the format be? 
  4. On which platform will it be published? 

2# Script

Prepare the script for your video. If it is an interview, prepare the questions beforehand. You can inform the respondent if you want them to prepare  answers, or leave it as a surprise to get genuine reactions . If it’s another type of video, you can plan a storyboard (actions, words, camera angles…). Kannelle makes it very easy.

3# Checking equipment

It is quite possible to film on a smartphone and get professional quality video! This makes shooting business video much easier. Just remember to have a full battery, plenty of storage space, and a tripod, for steady shots in portrait or landscape.

4# Planning

In the case of intense content production, it can be very useful to create a projetct plan on Trello: it is possible to work in Collaborative mode and involve the whole team. Here are two ways to organize it: 

  • By task type. Use three columns: “to do”, “in progress” and “done”, with one card per task, and the deadline clearly displayed on each card
  • By day of the week. Set cards in advance in the schedule, so that each day, you have a clear vision of the steps to be taken.

Finally, to make sure you’re ready to start shooting, we suggest this pre-shoot checklist: so that you don’t forget anything! 

How to shoot a business video easily?

You have prepared everything, you are ready to shoot. Let’s look at what needs to happen.

1# Have the right equipment

A sufficiently recent smartphone with enough storage space does the trick to shoot a business video easily with quality rendering. A few accessories can help you perfect video quality: 

  • A tripod to stabilize the image
  • A microphone to improve the sound
  • A ring light or an adjustable artificial light source to compensate for the lack of natural light if necessary
  • A charged portable battery to make sure your smartphone doesn’t go dead while you’re shooting

To help you find your way around, we have prepared a small Essentials Kit

2# Use the all-in-one Kannelle app

In order to centralize all the best shooting practices, Kannelle had the idea of integrating several tools into its application. First, ready-to-use, ultra-customizable storyboards to inspire and integrate the scripts prepared beforehand. Then, a shoot assistant, which gives you indications on the best placement of your subject, as well as a timer for each sequence indicating the ideal duration. Then, an integrated image stabilizer will avoid any shaking. And finally, a reminder of the format to use (portrait or landscape), to be sure that all your sequences fit the format decided beforehand.

The smartphone app to edit and share in a snap

Filming on a smartphone, then having to export your footage to a computer for editing, is far from making business video easy. That’s why it can be interesting to use an editing app like Kannelle, to make quick and easy edits. 

In a few clicks, on the smartphone hosting all your shots, you can format your video, sequence after sequence. And most importantly, for a business video, you can easily integrate your branding elements.  Your visual identity is set in advance on the admin platform and then automatically applied to your videos. Logo, intro, outro, fonts, all of it! You just have to choose the appropriate music in the vast bank of royalty-free music offered by Kannelle or use your own, and that’s it! You can directly share your video on social networks.

4 mistakes to avoid to create a great business video

1# Using image banks excessively

Image banks have their advantages (professional quality, integration in any context), but use them wisely and  carefully. You might well end up using exactly the same images as another company, as it was the case at the Superbowl for Indeed and Guaranteed Rate…

Beyond the lack of originality, this can make your video lose all authenticity and feel “stock”. And yet, authenticity is what people like. Getting your own employees, managers, customers to speak, gives a warmer and more genuine touch to  your video, and that makes all the difference. Therefore, favour footage filmed by yourself or your colleagues.

2# Using random music to accompany your video

In the interest of time, you may be tempted to take the first tune you like, and use it as thebackground track of your video. But be careful, this can get you into legal trouble, and it may not enhance your video as it should.

Obviously, for your videos, you can  only use royalty-free music, unless you own the rights to a particular music. For this, a music library is your best ally. To find out where to find such music, download our guide Orchestrating your video with royalty-free music. The Kannelle application gives you access to a library of a hundred different types of music to match the mood of your video. Dynamic, relaxed, cheerful, nostalgic… It’s up to you!

Once you have chosen your music, don’t forget to adjust its volume and that of any voice in your video. Kannelle uses “ducking” (or “audio balance”) to ensure that the sound of your video is always audible over your music.

3# Forgetting professional elements

In order to do things quickly, you may tend to take a few shortcuts. But the quality of your video depends on the details! By branding your content with your visual identity design elements and giving it a professional look, you ensure that your video gives a good image of your company. 

Be careful to use the font and colours of your company’s visual identity. Think of inlaying the logo on the sequences that you want. Finally, to finalize your video, add an intro and an outro, with the music, colors and logo of your company.

To achieve professional quality, add subtitles, in the language of your video and in English. This is because 80% of YouTube content is watched without sound, and it makes your video accessible to the hearing impaired and foreigners.

4# Not optimizing distribution

Once a video is ready, all you want to do is share it and wait for the reactions of your community! But here again, you have to prepare it to maximize results.

  1. Use hashtags wisely 

Use them wisely, in the post’s description or at the end of the post. Without bludgeoning your description with the hash symbol, use 4 to 5 keywords related to your content to improve its visibility.

  1. Post at the right time

It is possible, on Instagram for example, to check when your community is the most reactive. According to this, post at the right time, and establish a rhythm for your followers (1 post on Friday at 12pm for example). 

  1. Post only on the networks fot for your content

If you’re into aesthetics to accompany your professional activity (cosmetics, fashion…), favor Instagram and Pinterest. If you prefer to share news about your business life, Linkedin is your ally. Target your audiences smartly to improve your visibility!

  1. Create your own format for more authenticity

Whether you’re inspired by what you see on the networks, or with Kannelle’s ultra-customizable ready-to-use scenarios, take ownership of video and create your own format. Vlog, weekly meeting, funny product presentation… There are so many possibilities! All you have to do is pick one (or more) of the 23 examples we gave in this article, choose, get inspired and create! 

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