Brand your business videos with your visual identity

With Kannelle, create videos with your visual identity in 15 minutes. Logo, font, colours… you’ve got all you need for content that’s always on brand.
Un habillage vidéo aux couleurs de l'entreprise

Videos personalised to your visual identity

Branding is essential to your business videos and Kannelle makes it easy: animations automatically adapt to the colours and fonts of your visual identity. So it takes only 15 minutes to create a branded video that’s ready to be shared on all your networks.

Accessible and professional subtitles for your business videos

Since 85% of videos on social media are viewed without sound, we equipped Kannelle with voice recognition to generate subtitles automatically. Make your videos more accessible and save time!
Sous-titres : pour une vidéo d'entreprise pro et accessible

Do you need to create videos?

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