Brand your business videos with your visual identity

With Kannelle, create videos with your visual identity in 15 minutes. Logo, font, colours… you’ve got all you need for content that’s always on brand.
Un habillage vidéo aux couleurs de l'entreprise
Create branded videos easily

Videos personalised to your visual identity

Branding is essential to your business videos and Kannelle makes it easy: animations automatically adapt to the colours and fonts of your visual identity. So it takes only 15 minutes to create a branded video that’s ready to be shared on all your networks.

Make every video easily identifiable with logos, intros and outros directly integrated into the app. All you have to do is choose the ideal size and location, which will then be displayed on your video.

Your business has specific colours and fonts that you want to use for your video animations. With Kannelle, it’s no problem: they are automatically integrated into your video.

With Kannelle, your corporate music and jingles are loaded and ready to be used for any video project in your company.

Add captions automatically

Accessible and professional subtitles for your business videos

Since 85% of videos on social media are viewed without sound, we equipped Kannelle with voice recognition to generate subtitles automatically. Make your videos more accessible and save time!

Automatically generate your subtitles. And depending on the destination of your video, integrate them directly into your video or export your video and its subtitle file in SRT format (ready to be uploaded to Youtube, for example).

Edit your subtitles as you like, change any word or noun and add your own specific vocabulary to create professional subtitles.

Create subtitles in multiple languages and generate SRT files for each. It’s the perfect plan to make your video accessible internationally!

Sous-titres : pour une vidéo d'entreprise pro et accessible

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