Business video editing: create pro videos automatically

With its ultra-simple video editing, Kannelle saves you time on all your busoness video projects – with quality post-production!
Kannelle : montage intelligent et pro
Create quality videos

Smart and simple business video editing for pro videos

Create business videos easily with pro rendering, even without technical skills? It’s possible with Kannelle. In less than 15 minutes, assemble your shots and produce a branded video ready to be shared on social media and beyond.
Each animation is personnalised with your own colours, fonts, logo and jingle! Set up in advance, these elements will be automatically integrated into your videos and those of your colleagues.

After editing, automatically generate your subtitles thanks to our speech-to-text integration. Export your video with its subtitles or retrieve the subtitle file separately for Youtube, for example (.srt file). And be ready for international use!

Your video sequences are automatically linked during editing according to the video scenario you have selected. The display times of texts banners are intelligently adapted to average reading speed. This saves valuable time, and you can always rearrange the order of the sequences with a simple touch of the finger.

Stay in control

Video edition so easy that any employee can do it

If a sequence doesn’t suit you or needs to be edited, you can always trim it, change the sound or integrate an overlay like on classic editing software. But 10 times easier!

Our ready-to-use storyboards contain short sequences. You are free to edit, add or remove any of them as required in one click.

Once you’ve shot your video, you can easily trim any sequence, like when  an interviewee’s answer is a little off or too long!

Use our default texts or replace them as you wish. Customise your full screen titles, overlays and animations.

Un montage facile avec Kannelle
Créer librement avec Kannelle
Customise your videos

Creative freedom for results that match your ambitions

Make your pro videos lively and engaging by simply adding stylish animations and highlights – your audience will love it.

Need to add information such as the interviewee’s function, the product presented, or the location? Our various and customisable text animations are here just for that!

Our creative team is at the forefront of video trends to bring you formats which are becoming popular and help you make stylish videos!

Choose the style of text animations you like best from the many themes offered by our app! In one click, adapt these animations to your colours to add spice to your video.

Illustrate your message

Image overlays to spice up your business video editing

Bring your words to life by inserting  image overlays in your business video. With this feature, import images, videos or infographics to  your video and make it richer!

Choose the media you want to embed from your personal library to illustrate your point!

Apply effects (or don’t) on your embedded image like  zooming in or out and add dynamism to your video!

Kannelle lets you adapt the format of your imported image to that of the video: if the dimensions of the image are smaller than those of the video, the image will be zoomed in until it fills the entire screen for a more professional look!

Ajouter des images pour dynamiser sa vidéo
Le montage du son avec Kannelle
Adjust video sound and music

Smart sound processing for a good balance of music and voice

The final touch in business video editing is sound. For pro-looking videos, Kannelle lets you modulate the sound and the music to suit the footage and make it rock.

While editing, you can modify the general volume of the chosen music, for a punchy or discrete style.

If your sequences have different recording volumes, Kannelle automatically balances the sound of each part for an even volume throughout the video.

Auto-adjustment (or ducking) automatically lowers the volume of music when a person is speaking, and get it back up again afterwards. That’s perfect for always hearing voices clearly in your videos while keeping them super dynamic!

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