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APRIL 2021

Marketing strategy: power up with video!

Video rocks digital marketing and many businesses have made it part of their marketing strategy in order to build awareness and relationships with prospects and customers.

Develop your content marketing strategy, set up a content factory and optimise your Youtube channel with our complete guide now!

MARCH 2021

Internal comms take off with video boom

With remote working, internal communications departments have undergone major changes. To strengthen commitment and relationships between employees, internal comms are reinventing themselves and adopting video on a massive scale.

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February 2021

Training videos: get in shape

Digitalisation and remote working have made it crucial to find new effective ways to train employees. And so video has become an essential tool for managing skills development in all circumstances.

How do you create training videos that really engage employees? How can you delegate the production of these videos to your employees? To answer these questions, we have put together this guide which will help you rock training videos. Download it now!


Get your digital events buzzing

With the 2020 crisis, the event industry has had to embrace digital. Events have gone virtual and webinars and online conferences have sprung up everywhere. To create a buzz around these gatherings, there is nothing like video.

To find out how to make the best of videos before, during and after your event, download our guide!