Video for all business functions

With Kannelle, the pro video solution, create and share your video content whatever the job.
Engage your employees

Internal communications

Video is playing an increasing role in corporate communication to engage employees and facilitate group cohesion. With our solutions, advice and case studies, boost your internal comm’ with video.

Communication methods have evolved and the Comm’ can capitalise on this video momentum.

Boost your employees’ video production to share vision and decisions.

Keep your internal community alive and engage your employees.

Delight your audience

External communications

We are in the age of video thanks to social networks. Communications and marketing have no choice but to seize this innovative, original and effective format. Find out how our customers create more pro videos with Kannelle.

Build a strong social presence: create original and authentic videos.

Thanks to our ready-to-use storyboards, highlight news, products, customers and employees. All in line with your brand guidelines.

Take up the challenge: produce quality videos frequently while keeping costs under control.

Develop skills across the team

Training, onboarding & microlearning

For information sharing, learning and continuous training, video rules. There is no better way to train your employees quickly and efficiently. With our pro video solution, discover how to quickly produce your training videos.

No video skill required: video capture is assisted and editing is automated. This way, employees can share knowledge among themselves.

With Kannelle, create dynamic, branded videos tailored to any stage of the employee journey whether they just joined or got promoted.

Adapt your content to engage your employees and develop their skills. Kannelle makes it easy to produce short videos.

Attract and retain your talent

Employer branding

To promote your company and its values to new talent, video is more than just a trend. It’s a unique, engaging and sustainable way to recruit and engage employees. Discover how to boost your employer brand with pro videos created with the Kannelle app.

Produce branded content very simply to develop your employer brand.

With our testimonial scenarios, promote your business to new talents.

Create professional videos to illustrate the company’s culture, values and expertise to employees and candidates.

Train and inform with video

Health Safety and Environment

HSE issues are crucial for the well-being of employees, as well as for their safety and the smooth running of your organisation. With Kannelle, discover how to produce videos with clear and concise scenarios to inform your teams.

Anchor safety procedures as well as simple business gestures in the minds of your employees.

With video, benefit from a fast, engaging and impactful information tool.

Bring bottom-up visual reports from the field. It’s quick and  easily with Kannelle. No video skill required .