Video for all business functions

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Video is playing an increasing role in corporate communication to engage employees and increase its audience. With our solutions, advice and case studies, boost your internal and external communication with video.
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For information sharing, learning and continuous training, video rules. There is no better way to train your employees quickly and efficiently. With our pro video solution, discover how to quickly produce your training videos.


We are in the era of the video dedicated by social networks. Marketing has no choice but to embrace this innovative, original and effective format. As we are already doing with more than 70 clients, discover how Kannelle helps you create more pro videos!
Attract and retain your talent

Employer branding

To promote your company and its values to new talent, video is more than just a trend. It’s a unique, engaging and sustainable way to recruit and engage employees. Discover how to boost your employer brand with pro videos created with the Kannelle app.

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