Video for every corporate function

With Kannelle, our professional video solution, anyone in the company can create videos to share their message, whatever their rank or function.

Visuel métier comm interneInternal communications

Video plays an increasingly important role in corporate communications as a mean to engage employees and facilitate group cohesion. In the spring of 2020, we’ve had to adapt and change our ways to communicate at work, accelerating trends like working remotely : how can internal communications capitalize on this momentum? With Kannelle, let your employees use the power of video to share information, decisions and skills. Bring your internal community to life and capture the attention of all employees.

Discover our solutions, our advice and our use cases to develop and modernize your communications thanks to video!

Visuel métier comm externeExternal communications

We are in a new era of video heralded by social networks. Comms and marketing have no choice but to seize this innovative, original and efficient format while tackling a major challenge: producing quality videos frequently while lowering costs. With Kannelle, create original and authentic videos to capture audiences on social networks. Reaffirm your brand presence and identity thanks to our interview scenarios to make your customer or collaborator testimonials shine.

Discover how Kannelle can help you put yourself in the spotlight as we already do with more than 70 corporate customers.

Visuel métier formationTraining

Video is the quickest and easiest way to keep coworkers informed and trained at each and every stage of their career.. With Kannelle, creating dynamic, efficient and branded videos does not require external help or video skills because filming, editing and branding are guided and automated.

So, discover how to quickly produce and distribute your training videos with our professional, yet easy to handle video solution and make sure you engage employees and help them develop their skill set.

Visuel métier marque employeurEmployer brand

To promote your company and its qualities to new talent, video is more than just a new trend. It is a unique, engaging and sustainable way to recruit and engage new employees. With Kannelle, shoot and edit branded videos easily. Thanks to our interview formats, promote and develop your employer brand by letting employees share their voice.

Discover how to create professional, engaging and rewarding content with our app and tips. See how our clients use Kannelle to boost their corporate culture and talent appeal.

Visuel métier HSEHealth Safety Environment

HSE issues are vital for the well-being of employees, as well as for the smooth operation and good reputation of the company. Benefit from the impact of short video formats: it’s fast and engaging. With Kannelle, no specific video skills are required to easily bring actions directly from the field. Anchor the global stakes as well as the simplest business skill in the minds of your employees.

Discover how to create video content with clear and concise scenarios for your teams and keep them up to date on safety procedures and wellbeing at work.