Enterprise video: the ultimate way to make your business shine

Liven up how you present your company with Kannelle, the all-in-one video solution.

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Engage with authentic content

Corporate videos that are true to your image and highlight your best assets

Video is a proven and efficient communication and presentation tool for businesses. Use this format and the unwritten rules of social media to convey a modern and dynamic image of your company. And to differentiate, opt for personalised videos using your own shots to reflect your values and show your employees in the best possible light.

With creative, short and easy-to-watch videos, outline the main features that make your company unique.

Highlight whatโ€™s best about your business easily with corporate videos made with the Kannelle app. Strengthen your brand identity with authentic content.

Introduce yourself in an engaging way and attract clients and future employees that will have a better understanding of your activity.

Streamline video production

Kannelle, the solution to address the constraints of corporate video projects

The year 2020 has put more strains on corporate video projects. Telecommuting and social distancing have made it more complicated to organise shoots and manage production! And communication budgets have been in jeopardy. Thankfully, Kannelle has been created with those constraints in mind.

No professional gear? That’s not a problem at all! With only a smartphone, your employees can take great shots to present your company.

Avoid the high fees incurred in booking a studio or an agency. Instead, create your own corporate videos internally with your teams, even with a small budget. With Kannelle, itโ€™s possible.

We provide advice and training, and our app includes scenarios that are ready to go as well as automatic editing., So, no skills are required to create professional looking videos.

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Create videos easily

Think of Kannelle as the studio that fits in your pocket and lets you create any corporate video in 15 minutes.

Presentation video is the key to promoting your company to the public. A well-crafted video will convey a powerful image and provide great insights of your company. With Kannelle, the whole creation process is simplified and you can make your presentation video in only 15 minutes!

Our app guides you throughout the whole filming process, including an outline to frame your interviewee properly, and timing recommendations. Feeling uninspired ? The app provides ideas of what to shoot and advice for each scene.

When you create enterprise videos with Kannelle, rest assured that each one will stick to your brand guidelines and use the correct assets: colors, logos, music, fonts, animations…

Finalise your presentation video yourself easily, thanks to the automatic editing and other features of our app. And go back to make final edits at any time, without having to go through rounds of feedback with your agency!

โ€œCoffee breakโ€ scenario
Introduce a member of your team in a relaxed environment. This type of video shows a more authentic side of your company.
โ€œIn the shoes ofโ€ scenario
Showcase an employee who embodies the values of your company. Asking targeted questions is a good way of getting the employee to relate his vision, experience and passion for his job.
โ€œSeminarโ€ scenario
Highlight the best moments of an event you organized. Gather testimonials of participants, share the emotions and the vibe of the moment and post the event recap on your social media platforms in a snap. Nice way to share with the participants and those that didn’t get the chance to attend.
The world leader in hospitality has chosen Kannelle to boost its communication and to liven up the corporate life online. With Kannelle, the communications team was able to create a best wishes video with the CEO in only 15 minutes, and shared it with the whole company. Thanks to Kannelle, strengthening ties with all the employees, even in a big company such as Accor has never been easier!

Kannelle has given us the chance to refresh our communications. It is a simple tool that is really user-friendly for everyone

Aurรฉlia Laubin
Head of communications at Accor