Customer testimonial: a powerful marketing tool

Create inspiring and authentic testimonial videos with Kannelle.
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Build trust

Creating relationships with customer testimonials

Video content is very effective to inspire and build trust: 88% of consumers trust video testimonials! In B2B or B2C, testimonial have become crucial for businesses.

Customer testimonials increase loyalty: customers feels listened to and valued.

Customer testimonials are a selling tool: videos of satisfied customers giving great feedback build prospect trust!

When customer give their feedback, they do it with their own words, which brings credibility and authenticity. It has a great impact on your audience!

Create with the right tool

Kannelle, the ideal solution to create customer testimonials in video

With Kannelle, the testimonial format is very simple to produce. It can be created in-house by employees, but also directly by customers! All you need is a smartphone.

Pick a storyboard in our library or build your own! And customise  question cards directly on the Kannelle web platform.

With Kannelle, its’ easy to create professional videos. Features like ready-to-use storyboards, assisted video capture, automated editing make it possible for any employee and even a customer to produce a testimonial video in 15 minutes.

Kannelle integrates your brand visual identity so your testimonial videos are fully branded! Harmonise your video content for social media or professional marketing campaigns that fit your company identity.

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Boost your visibility

With Kannelle, use video for customer testimonials that make a difference

Customer testimonials are a must-have to differentiate from your competitors and boost visibility. Improve social media and SEO with easy-to-create testimonial videos.
Video generates 12 times more shares than both text and images combined: with Kannelle, any employee can make a customer testimonial from scratch with their smartphone and share it on social media.

A website that contains a video is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine like Google. With Kannelle, create a testimonial video that prospects will find easily.

Customer testimonial videos highlight your success stories and strengthen the company’s identity: adopt Kannelle to communicate your successes through short dynamic videos!

Customer testimonial examples

Create customer testimonials in a snap with Kannelle

With our library of ready-to-shoot storyboards, always feel inspired. And create your own custom scenarios that you can share with your employees and customers!
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