Video templates that fit your needs

Training, communications, HR: whatever the topic, there’s a Kannelle storyboard to help you get inspired and create videos on your own.
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Be inspired on any occasion

An extensive library of video storyboards

Tackle any topic with our ready to use storyboards. We give you plenty of ideas for your business videos: from seminars to coffee breaks, all you have to do is choose!
“Seminar” storyboard

Take a look back at the highlights of your internal or external events in video and share them on social media in a few minutes!

“Coffee break” scenario
Introduce new recruits to the team or share an experience over coffee in a casual video format.
“Key figures” scenario
Highlight monthly results on external and internal networks and share progress and success with customers and staff.
Save time and energy

Ready-to-use video storyboards

No need to spend hours on a script: inspiration awaits you in Kannelle! Find all our tips and get on the right track for great storytelling.

The Kannelle team has it all figured out with sample clips, tips, and ready-to-use questions for any interview or video project!

Everything is automated to make it easier for you! Your sequences are recorded in order, all you have to do is export the video.

No more monologues punctuated by hesitations and pauses: with Kannelle, make dynamic videos where every shot flows perfectly to captivate your audience – and simplify your job as a videographer.

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Create without limits

Customisable video storyboards

Every Kannelle storyboard can be adapted to your needs. They matchthe video trends of the moment, but you can also create your own storyboards, for you or for your team.

Modify Kannelle storyboards by adding, deleting or editing sequences in an instant.

Whatever your need or creative idea, our White Page storyboard lets you create your own scenario from A to Z.

Thanks to Kannelle’s admin platform, create video storyboards for your business and share them with your team. That’s great to make videos that perfectly meet your content creation objectives and the needs of each team.

Edit your reel easily

Simple and flexible sequence arrangement

Rearrange each shot in no time. On Kannelle, you can edit your footage before, during and after the shoot. And even come back to it after the video is finished and exported!

Edit storyboards according to your needs before, during and after the shooting. You can add or delete elements anytime.

Add, duplicate, or delete sequences as you want, just as you would with Powerpoint slides.

Kannelle storyboards feature ready-to-use sequences to inspire you, but only validated sequences will appear in the final cut.

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