Employee Advocacy: video to give your talent a voice

Create authentic videos with your employees to communicate or recruit. With Kannelle, it’s easy.
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Get the word out with video

Employee advocacy video to engage, sell and recruit

Attracting new customers or talent and retaining them requires the ability to showcase the values of the business in an authentic way and build a connection. And who better to play the role of brand ambassador than your employees? In video, of course.
Put your best foot forward

Employee advocacy videos to promote your talents

With Kannelle, employee advocacy videos are quick to produce, follow your brand guidelines, and can be created collaboratively: it’s the ideal format to highlight the profiles and skills of your teams.
Engagement collaborateur
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Give employees a voice

Videos to make each employee an advocate of your business

Employee advocacy is not limited to sharing content on social networks. With Kannelle, employees become actors and creators of your brand content. And that’s even better. The result is more spontaneous and natural. And also more economical.
employee testimonial video ebook

White paper: tips for your testimonial videos

How to motivate your employees to make videos for your company? We give you all the arguments to convince them through our white paper.

My collaborators are surprised by the speed and simplicity of the production, the quality and the spontaneity that emerges.
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Be more productive

Kannelle, the video solution to easily create your employee advocacy videos

Our solution helps you manage your employee advocacy video projects from A to Z, right on your smartphone. Discover the features of Kannelle, the pro video app cut out for the field… and its many benefits: time saving, productivity, increased skill levels…
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Do you need to create videos?

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