Employee Advocacy: video to give your talent a voice

Create authentic videos with your employees to communicate or recruit. With Kannelle, it’s easy.
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Get the word out with video

Employee advocacy video to engage, sell and recruit

Attracting new customers or talent and retaining them requires the ability to showcase the values of the business in an authentic way and build a connection. And who better to play the role of brand ambassador than your employees? In video, of course.

With employees who demonstrate their commitment to the business and their expertise through genuine videos, build a strong image of your company.

For consumers, employees are the most reliable source of information about the business and its products. So who better to share your message and inspire trust?

An employee advocacy programme lets you frequently share videos about the business, its profiles and values. Perfect for increasing the number of qualified candidates!

Put your best foot forward

Employee advocacy videos to promote your talents

With Kannelle, employee advocacy videos are quick to produce, follow your brand guidelines, and can be created collaboratively: it’s the ideal format to highlight the profiles and skills of your teams.

Share the pride and commitment of employees who participate in the employee advocacy game. With Kannelle, the process is easy and almost automatic.

There’s nothing like a testimonial video to put forward one of your colleagues, a career track and successes. Kannelle offers scenarios dedicated to these ever-popular portraits.

Encouraging people to speak out and create videos helps them in their development! This is a source of pride and therefore of motivation. All you need is a smartphone and Kannelle!

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Give employees a voice

Videos to make each employee an advocate of your business

Employee advocacy is not limited to sharing content on social networks. With Kannelle, employees become actors and creators of your brand content. And that’s even better. The result is more spontaneous and natural. And also more economical.

53% of prospects believe that employees are the most reliable source of information about a business. They are involved at the heart of the business and are best suited to talk about it.

Authenticity is a very important criterion to inspire trust: a video created by a coworker gives a natural and spontaneous edge to your content, making it enjoyable and effective.

Employee testimonials are very much appreciated on social media. And they’re real easy to create with the Kannelle solution!

Video Guide

Employee advocacy 2.0: moving to video

Your business’s best ambassadors are among you: your employees! How can you get them to testify with authentic videos? We tell you everything in our guide.


Be more productive

Kannelle, the video solution to easily create your employee advocacy videos

Our solution helps you manage your employee advocacy video projects from A to Z, right on your smartphone. Discover the features of Kannelle, the pro video app cut out for the field… and its many benefits: time saving, productivity, increased skill levels…

Kannelle lets you create professional employee advocacy videos in 15 minutes with its customisable ready-to-shoot storyboards, assisted video capture and automated editing.

Our application includes a video capture assistant with a framing silhouette, tips for creating a dynamic video and animations set to your company’s visual identity. You don’t need to be a video professional to create videos with a professional look!

Kannelle is designed to be used by anyone in the business: no need for technical skills or professional equipment. Production is step-by-step and simple. Everyone can create and share an employee advocacy video very easily.

The Kannelle web platform lets you manage brand assets, users and storyboards. It gives you full control over which storyboards and personalisation are available to employees, as well as a process to validating videos produced by employees.

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