Employee testimonial videos: an essential and universal format

Easily create engaging employee testimonial videos with Kannelle and boost your content creation
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Employee video testimonial to communicate with authenticity

Testimonial videos offer many benefits: they are easy to create, increasingly popular due to social media and acclaimed by a wide audience. This type of video therefore attracts more and more companies and is now used to promote products, services, values and of course, employees. Thanks to their simplicity and transparent format, testimonials convey authenticity. 

3 examples of video interviews made with Kannelle

Alone at the office

A team member is interviewed on her habits at the office. Having to choose between two options is a great ice-breaker !

What would you be

In this testimonial video, fun questions such as “Which vegetable are you” are asked to show the more quirky and friendly side of the company.


This seminar video includes testimonials of people during the event, and captures their experience and feedback about the event.

Testimonial videos, the format that meets all your business needs, simply

The testimonial video is an all-rounded communication tool for businesses: it is universal, can be easily produced and lets you create engaging content for every usage and function.
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Employee testimonial video is hot: get on the bandwagon!

Testimonial videos are everywhere and are essential in communication. They are used both in formal contexts (overview of the company’s achievements at the end of the year for example) and informal contexts (presentation of new employees…). With Kannelle, you will always find the perfect scenario for the interview you want to create.

Kannelle Video Guides

Find all our tips for mastering the video interview in business.
In ten minutes, your client interview is done. It is unique and above all, the result is ultra qualitative.
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Kannelle is the perfect tool to create a testimonial video in 15 minutes with your smartphone

Our app guides you from start to finish in the creation process. Writing your scenario, filming and editing: it’s all made easier to help you save time.
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