Create perfect employer brand videos to attract new talents

Attract talented employees with engaging Employer Brand videos. It’s easy with Kannelle, the all-in-one solution for branded video making.

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Drawn new talent

The “Employer Brand” video to gain in attractiveness

Attracting and retaining the talent your company needs to grow has become a major management challenge. At-work experience and employee advocacy play a key role in building employer brand equity and must be emphasized. What more effective and authentic way than video to communicate and develop its reputation as a “best place to work” ?

Enhance the profile of your employees

There is nothing better to attract and hire new talent than to show the importance the company attaches to the expertise and contributions of each individual, as well as to their growth.

Highlight your advantages

Company values and successes, especially in CSR, are topics of importance to your future recruits, more than ever, especially when they are promoted directly by your employees through video.

Develop your pool of candidates

By frequently broadcasting videos to your target audiences, you will increase your company’s visibility and the attractiveness of your jobs: a strong employer brand increases the number of qualified candidates by 50%.

Increase the retention of your best people

With video, promote and enhance internal mobility and career prospects. With our app, help your high-potential profiles stand out: beyond retention, you will boost your seduction capital.

of candidates inquire about the company online, even before applying for a job.
of employees are considering switching jobs to another company with a better reputation.
more qualified applications thanks to a strong employer brand.
of candidates will accept a lower salary if the company has a good image online.

Create content that fits your brand

Bring your employer brand to life with video

Make video your best asset to share with future recruits, your values, events and commitments as well as the experience of your employees. Whatever the type of employer brand or employee advocacy video you want to create, Kannelle has a scenario to help you shine.

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Slice of life

Givea voice to employees at every level of the company and unveil different facets of your culture and your business: vision, values, missions, projects…. Strengthen your image internally and externally while highlighting the talents of your employees.

Insider web serie

This “employer brand video” format is an opportunity to give a guided tour of your business and present the profiles you are looking for. This original content, quick to consume and produce, is an excellent way to attract qualified candidates who understand your business.

Video event

Highlight commitments and sponsorships with this video format and give an overview of your external events (cultural, sports, charity) to help discover your employer brand. A good recipe to familiarize candidates with your activity and values.

Enhance your employees’ profiles

With the help of collaborative videos, showcase your best ambassadors

Internally, as well as externally, good employee advocacy which demonstrates employee fulfillment is an impactful communication tactic. Employees are a company’s best ambassadors, so give them the floor with an expert interview, presentation of values, participation in activities…

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A vector of trust

53% of people who ask about your company believe that employees are the most credible source of information. They are on the front line of your company’s actions and therefore best placed to bring these to life.

Expertise and talent showcase

Let your Employer Brand videos showcase the talents, know-how and skills of your teams. Build on their contributions to your company to promote your image as a great place to work.

Reinforced employee commitment

Grow the involvement of your teams and prevent turnover by grounding your employer brand communications in the experience of your employees and your corporate culture.

Leveraging coworker goodwill

Satisfied employees are willing to promote their company and its jobs. Capture this momentum and pride by giving them the right tools to create attractive employee testimonials, like Kannelle which offers readymade on-brand scenarios.

Grow your presence

Tap the power of Video to build a dynamic employer brand

Video has conquered all spheres of communications – you know this, we know this. Let’s see how to leverage video to establish a trendy employer brand effectively.

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Presence on social networks

Social networks are an integral part of our lives and video is the star format – Tiktok being the most recent example. To be relevant when communicating on social networks, video has become a must. With Kannelle, you will be able to accelerate and control your production frequency to boost your presence.

Production of “snacking” content

Your audiences are looking for relevant, lively and short content. Make your employer-branded videos as fast and enjoyable to produce as they are to consume with Kannelle ready-to-use scripts and intelligent auto-editing.

Fast-paced videos

The hardest part with video testimonials or interviews is to get a natural yet impeccable rendering that lives up to the expectations of your employer brand. The assisted capture feature within our app favors short shots and brings rhythm, helping you get that professional quality to your videos.

Reveal your identity

Our clients create their Employer Brand videos with Kannelle

Logo cabinet bedin

This real estate network was able to promote its employer brand through video with Kannelle, creating a series of “collaborator portraits”. Here, we discover Valérie Champbenoit’s portrait and the great opportunities for internal mobility offered by the network. The agency’s recruitment officer has a “100% Cabinet Bedin” career path spread over 36 years!

Logo Pain Quotidien

Through a retrospective of the past year, the bakery and restaurant chain presents its teams and the highlights they experienced! Workshop sessions, team building events, renovation of workplaces, learning sessions… Le Pain Quotidien takes us on its adventure and we are on board. And the proof is in the bread, sorry, the pudding: 22% less turnover!

Logo Sud Express

This ready-to-wear brand presents us in its employer brand video two trainees. Through this interview, they tell us about their daily life at Sud Express, their first impressions of the company and what they get out of the experience. Enough to attract new candidates for internships and work-study programs!

Choose the right tools

Kannelle, the solution to make your employer brand succeed with video

Our solution is the most efficient to help you in the creation of videos to boost your employer brand: time saving, autonomous, skill-building… Discover Kannelle, the pro video app that gives you the power to create more content at a lower cost per video.

Videos at a lower cost

How would you like to have a pocket studio? Our all-in-one solution includes scenarios, an assisted shooting tool and automatic editing right in the smartphone app. Create professionally rendered videos at an unbeatable price per video.

Your videos in a few minutes

With Kannelle and its “shoot it up” approach, embody your employer brand with trendy and professional videos that you make on your smartphone in just three steps. Simple and effective.

Videos with flying colors

When you or anyone in your company creates employer brand videos with Kannelle, you can rest assured that they’ll follow your brand guidelines: your logos, jingles, music, fonts and colors are set up so all cards and animations are on brand throughout your videos.

Assisted video shooting

With Kannelle, create videos that showcase your employees in their work environment – a format more authentic than image banks! And for professional results, you can count on our framing silhouette and advanced stabilization: no more funny or blurry framing!