The power of external communications video to build your brand.

With Kannelle, create unique and engaging videos to energize your communications.

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La vidéo pour votre communication externe
Embrace video to achieve your goals

External communications, video ? A match made in heaven.

Social networks have made the use of video in external communications a given. Video has also become the standard to liven up a brand’s website. Social networks algorithms are keen to push video content and stories – be it Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktok and of course Youtube.
of visitors spend more time on a site featuring a video
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of videos are viewed on smartphones
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of marketers use video, compared to 63% in 2019
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are satisfied with the ROI of their video strategy
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Strenghten your reputation

Kannelle, the video creation solution to energize external communications

Offer a positive and dynamic image of your company with Kannelle, the video solution to create videos that capture your teams’ activities and spirit.

Thanks to its mobile app and management web platform, the Kannelle solution brings you all you need to create your own videos for external communications. Your colors, your logos, your music… Your identity in each and every video you create.

Use video in external communications to stand out and create unique content. Share videos that will get your message across thanks to the multiple scenarios that Kannelle offers.

Surf on the trends by creating content that will appeal to your audience and external communications videos that grab attention. Share your creations directly from the app to be reactive and dynamic in all your digital communications.

Video for all?
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Discover how anyone in your company could be creating their own videos in minutes.
Gain in authenticity

With video, your communications create meaningful bonds

Video with Kannelle means inspiration and lively content, thanks to our multiple turnkey scenarios. It’s your one-way ticket to exceptional external communication videos!

Give a voice to the talent within your company. Especially with employee interviews, bring your audience video testimonials that will highlight the experience, expertise and authenticity of your employees, which will reflect on your company.

Social networks are all about responsiveness. Integrate video into your external communications: with Kannelle, it’s quick and easy. Create your videos directly from the application in 15 minutes and share them to develop your presence on all platforms to interact with your audience.

Video helps external communications create commitment and strong interest. By giving a sense of familiarity, video brings you closer to your targets.

Engage with video content

The versatile roles of video for external communications

Digitalization and the advent of video have changed our lives and our behaviors, and it’s up to us to make the most of these new tools. Today, video has become essential to external communications, as the consumption of this new format is constantly increasing. Kannelle gives you the keys to succeed, whatever the type of video you want to produce.

Present the opinion of your best experts on topics related to your activity.

Boost your press kits and seize the opportunity to make people talk about you.

Narrate your company’s vision, values and impact to your customers and investors.

Share the opinion of your thought leaders about where your markets are going.

Un montage automatique et des vidéos à vos couleurs
Automate your productions

Automatically branded and edited videos

You want your videos to stand out while keeping in line with your brand image.. With Kannelle, stay in control, even when you delegate your video making to other operational teams the task. Save time with our in-app scripting and automatic editing.

Manage your colors, logos, music, intros, outros…on our online platform. Every brand asset will be immediately integrated to your workspace in the mobile application. With automated editing, your video will be ready in no time and always on brand.

Benefit from significant time savings thanks to Kannelle’s intelligent editing. As soon as each scene is shot, editing is processed automatically so you can post your video instantly!

Just access our web platform to manage your brand assets and your users… Keep in control in all circumstances to ensure consistent and fully branded content!

Make professional videos in all circumstances

Kannelle and its video app for foolproof external communications

Upgrade your external communications videos with Kannelle’s many features. Among them: integrated multilingual subtitles to shine at home and abroad and ready-to-use scenarios to create videos in any situation – in the office, at home, during events or in the field.
Company seminar
Share the events that punctuate the life of your company via this type of video which are popular in external communications. Post live from your events to ensure your reactivity on social networks.
Show how to operate and make the most of your products through video tutorials for educational purposes and visual external communications. Let your audience approach your products and services easily by making them more accessible.
Key figures
Sharing a goal or new results visually has never been so easy: this scenario creates animated data and graphs in video automatically. Let your external communication woo investors and financiers.
Consumer reviews
The authenticity of video in external communications is an asset, especially when it’s your consumers talking . With this scenario, give your audience a voice and share their reactions and opinions to promote your brand and products in a simple and genuine format.

Draw inspiration from our clients

Our clients create their external comms videos with Kannelle

Kannelle let me edit videos in 15 minutes so I can be reactive on social networks.

Visuel témoignage ENGIE
Project manager
Social networks have changed our way of life and consumers expect brands to be highly responsive. Being reactive on social networks has therefore become essential in communication, whether internally or externally.

Knowing how to develop a presence on these platforms with established and growing influence is the key to successfully executing your communication strategy, and the video format contributes greatly to this. Like ENGIE, don’t pass up opportunities to share your news live!
Visuel témoignage Val D'Oise
The spring of 2020 has brought big changes for all of us . We had to adapt to the difficulties of Covid-19 and find innovative solutions to communicate.

The Val d’Oise district chose to build a video series using the Kannelle video solution to communicate with its constituents and let them know what was being done on the ground. Only equipped with their smartphones, the field workers of the town were able to keep the inhabitants informed of the measures and initiatives taken during the crisis and the quarantine.