Video: internal communications that are as alive as your company

Create videos with your employees and boost your internal communications with Kannelle, the all-in-one video solution.

Master the video topic

The solution to tackle video and its challenges for internal communications

Internal communications specialists are facing multiple challenges that require new solutions to engage employees around company issues. Widely acclaimed by employees, video has become the star format for internal communication.

Visuel comm interne 1

Captivate the attention of management and employees

At a time of chronic attention deficit, the challenge for communications departments is to succeed in attracting the interest of employees. Investing in video is a strategic decision because the performance in terms of engagement is very high.

Breathing life into corporate social networks

To realize the promise of CSR (human capital and collaborative development), it is important to give employees the means to participate and share their own content in the company network. The easy and quick creation of videos through internal communication is essential.

Create more content on a constant budget

With growing expectations from all departments and with communications budgets that rarely follow, internal comms directors must find the most effective tactics and solutions – such as collaboratively produced videos.

Engage your employees

With Kannelle, video helps internal communications pros achieve their objectives.

Adopting video in internal communications is key to engaging, sharing and informing. Give your employees a hand in producing corporate videos and bring your internal network to life!

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Enhanced and engaged employees

Collaborative video engages and rewards employees by putting them at the forefront. Kannelle helps them become autonomous so they can create their own videos from start to finish while adhering to communication and brand guidelines.

Faster flow of information

A video is easier to produce than a long article, especially with Kannelle. In just a few minutes your video is shot, edited, branded and ready to be shared on all your networks.

Group cohesion

Knowledge sharing, decision making, communication, relationship building, team spirit : whatever the goal, the use of video in internal communications, like employee interviews, is key to maintaining and developing cohesion around the company culture.

Gain in efficiency

The solution to address the constraints of video in internal communications

As companies digitize and find success with video, internal communications teams must constantly create and innovate in order to serve employees and capture their attention. At the same time they must comply with quality expectations, budgets and deadline requirements.

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Unlimited video content production

With our solution, let your imagination run wild. Find inspiration through our scenarios – or by creating your own. All the while knowing that with Kannelle, you can produce as many videos as you want!

Kannelle saves you time

Kannelle is an all-in-one solution. In 15 minutes,your video is ready: pick a scenario, shoot with our guided capture tool and finalize with intelligent editing. A real studio in your pocket.

Save on video production costs

Just take your smartphone, follow our tips and let the magic happen. A professional result at a low per-video cost: it’s possible with Kannelle!

Quickly share your content

Create engaging videos with Kannelle

Video in internal communications is the new must-have to engage employees.
With Kannelle, videos become quick and easy to produce! Say goodbye to neverending articles, and hello to colorful videos that wake you up!

In 15 minutes, you can now make dynamic and trendy videos :

Official announcements

Pass on important information to the whole company


Update every employee at their own pace

Corporate life

Broadcast your events and news internally

Employee testimonials

Make your talents known and build relationships between teams


Announce them, bring them to life and sum up the highlights


Share knowledge and activities among coworkers

Empower your employees

Deploy video as a mean to communicate internally, even for beginners!

Forget all about arcane editing software. With Kannelle, video for internal communications has never been so easy to create, whatever the level of proficiency of your employees.

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No function or department left behind

The Kannelle app is designed to be easy to use and meet the needs of communications departments, but also of any other department within the company. Make each of your collaborators autonomous so they can create their own content while keeping control.

Accessible to all

The Kannelle app is extremely easy to grasp. It’s the ideal pocket studio for beginners and experts. From inspiration to sharing, from shooting to editing, no need to become a video pro to achieve pro results!

Engaging for employees

Boost confidence and morale.Motivate teams. Put collaborators in the spotlight. Rolling out Kannelle will get your internal communications off the ground. Take advantage of the “fun” side of video to tackle subjects that are harder to grasp.

Create professional videos for any occasion

Video scenarios for dynamic and lively internal communications

With our library of readymade scenarios, be inspired in any occasion: from the announcement of quarterly figures to a casual interview with an employee, what are you waiting for?

Coffee break

A relaxed scenario to introduce a new employee or the latest strategic decision. It’s all about good coffee!


This scenario will help you highlight company events. With Kannelle’s intelligent automatic editing, share your video even before the end of the event.

In the shoes of…

A perfect scenario to present an employee, his job, his career path or his feedback.

Adopt the trends to be on top

Casual video style to reinvigorate corporate communications

“Internal communications are increasingly moving towards video, with a more natural style. Last spring’s crisis has really liberated people on that front.” – Sarah-Pearl Bokobza, Atos during a post-deconfinement Kannelle webinar.

Content for snacking

Have fun with short question/answer formats. Make information and knowledge easier to share and assimilate. Produce “snacking content”: no topic is too serious to be handled in this short video format.

Spontaneous videos

Give feedback with the “Coffee Break” scenario for example: a more spontaneous, authentic and therefore more engaging format. Try natural videos for better internal communications: faster, more captivating, more lively.

A breath of fresh air

Kannelle brings a refreshed tone to your videos and internal communications with its built-in lively and natural scenarios… Bring your personality to your reports, your pitches and your meetings with a more dynamic facet.

Draw inspiration from our clients

Our clients create their internal communications videos with Kannelle

Visuel Sarah Pearl Bokobza

“Rethinking events digitally is the advent of video. We’re going to keep the link through other formats.”

Sarah-Pearl Bokobza, Head of Global Crisis Communications & MEA Head of Marketing & Communications, Atos

The international leader in digital technologies has found the solution with internal communication videos. As an international group, it’s more than necessary for Atos to strengthen the communication links between employees around the world. The language barrier? Not an issue with Kannelle’s automatic subtitling functionality.

Atos was able to equip their worldwide network of local comms specialists with Kannelle, giving them the possibility to remain autonomous while respecting centrally-set corporate communications guidelines.

Visuel Laurie Amathieu BEL

“We launched an internal engagement survey among 5,000 international employees and we needed to explain to them both why we were launching this engagement survey and how they would be responding. We used a Kannelle scenario, filmed ourselves in 20 minutes and managed to broadcast this video in English to our 5,000 employees during the day”

Laurie Amathieu, Communication and employee engagement manager, Bel group

This giant of the food industry chose to use Kannelle to boost its comms in a period where reactivity was measured with an increase in production rate. The application allowed the communications team to quickly communicate about their survey internally, without a studio or an agency.