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Build trust

Video customer testimonials

Customer testimonial videos have become indispensable to your marketing strategy. Its authentic touch helps you build trust with your audience. With Kannelle, get customers to speak up in catchy videos.

Go further than written testimonials: with a simple smartphone, create videos that will inspire confidence and connect with your prospects.

Social media requires to constantly renew creatives. Boost your content and ad production with Kannelle, by creating branded videos in a few clicks.

Kannelle lets you create video storyboards for all your marketing needs so anyone in-house can produce videos that stand out and drive results!

Boost your SEO

Video, the must-have format for search and inbound marketing

SEO and inbound marketing require constant efforts to ensure the visibility of your brand and offers. On your website, on social networks and on YouTube, video has become a key SEO driver. With Kannelle, produce videos regularly to improve and maintain your rankings.

Ensure a sustained pace of creation to feed your funnel with new leads and optimise lead nurturing. With Kannelle, a smartphone is all it takes to create catchy videos.

SEO video works to improve your Google rankings. Kannelle provides you with the tools to produce plenty of quality videos!

Kannelle ready-to-use storyboards and animations follow the latest video trends. It’s the perfect way to embrace popular video formats like stories, tutorials, etc.

Video Guide

Power up your marketing strategy with video

To make the most of content marketing, learn how to launch a content factory and boost the visibility of your videos on YouTube. Download our complete guide now!


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Improve conversion

Sales and marketing videos that work

79% of consumers prefer videos over articles to learn about a company and its offering. With Kannelle, create videos for your social media and product pages to showcase your values, products and services. And have your employees and customers support your claims.

Video is the most engaging and visual format to highlight your products and achievements. And with Kannelle, videos always look professional, in keeping with your products.

Give your business experts and customers a voice with dynamic videos. Kannelle and its ready-to-shoot testimonial formats make it very easy.

Create quality videos quickly with Kannelle to upsell new and complementary products to your customers.

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