Bring your business videos to life, with the right music

Bring in your corporate jingle or use our royalty-free music library: with Kannelle you have the choice!
Choisissez la musique adéquate
Add rhythm and emotion

A vast choice of corporate or royalty free music

With Kannelle, adding background music to your business videos takes just one click. Choose from the music library or use the pre-configured corporate music from your business space. And the audio balance between voici and music is done automatically.

Find the right track in Kannelle’s music library, which offers more than 100 royalty free tracks to liven up your video! Some have even been created only for Kannelle’s clients!

If you’ve already figured out which music to use for your video or if your business holds rights to its own music, you can also import your tracks, and that’s it!

With our “ducking” function, the music volume is wisely modulated so that the speaker’s voice is always audible. And Kannelle lets you adjust the audio and the volume of the royalty-free music while editing. 

Keep control of the final creation

A palette of songs to brand your business videos

Select which tracks are available to your collaborators for their video projects and make sure content is branded and harmonised. With Kannelle’s brand assets management platform, it’s easy!

Don’t waste time on the choice of music: create a musical palette for each situation – storytelling, web series, interview. And  videos created by your team will all follow your guidelines!

Entrust the creation of videos to your colleagues with the certainty of a perfect soundtrack. All your corporate music is organised and available thanks to the Kannelle platform.

Within Kannelle, you can organise your corporate music depending on the video category: client testimonial or official announcement… It makes it easier to create – and guarantees consistency across videos.

Musique de fond pour vidéo d'entreprise
Match the music to the tone of your video

Royalty free music for any type of business video

Whether it’s a dynamic video interview or a solemn video like the president’s greetings, the Kannelle royalty-free music library has melodies that match the mood of each video project.

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