Tackle HSE challenges in video: prevention, information and safety

Train employees with videos to reduce risks in the workplace and promote wellbeing programs, with Kannelle the foolproof video solution.

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Comment prévenir des risques du travail avec la vidéo
Raise awareness of risk and wellbeing at work

The power of video to prevent occupational hazards

Standards concerning occupational and environmental risks are becoming increasingly strict, and it’s important to properly train staff and inform every department of pertaining issues. Microlearning learning is a very effective prevention tool to raise awareness of safety actions and business risks.

The Covid-19 crisis raised, or rather brought back hygiene concerns to the forefront of corporate life. Use videos to remind the basic health measures to be adopted for better working conditions.

Instructions to be applied in case of emergency, adherence to safety standards, good working conditions… Communicate with prevention videos to avoid any accident and train staff in the right gestures and behaviors to adopt.

Through video, raise awareness about environmental preservation. If air pollution is on the agenda, so is noise pollution: communicate about these issues and the measures the company is putting place.

Engage your audience

Video, the effective way to distill information, accessible to everyone

Leverage video to push skill transfer and information sharing within your company. From prevention to training, address the needs of any type of audience with accessible and personalized video courses.

Thanks to the automatic subtitling integrated in the Kannelle app, benefit from videos understandable by all your employees, locally and abroad! Video facilitates the understanding of any subject through a more meaningful and visual approach.

With short and dynamic videos, make sure training and information content is spread wide and fast in the company. Create “snacking” videos which are accessible to all anywhere, anytime and on any platform.

In general, individuals retain 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see. Video is therefore a great medium to captivate your audience and get your messages across more effectively. Videos can also be replayed and viewed at any time. Convenient, isn’t it?

La vidéo pour s'informer

Video for all?
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Value your employees

Videos to promote and highlight employee well-being

HSE issues are being discussed, particularly in the industrial, agricultural, construction and public works sectors, but also in hospitals and transportation companies. These sectors are in high demand and workers deserve recognition and appreciation of their contribution to our society.

One of the main challenges for HSE professionals is to enhance the value we place on employees working conditions, and reduce any hardship. Making everyone aware of risks and unfavorable working conditions is a key topic for prevention videos.

Improve workplace ergonomics by informing and making work systems and processes safe, simple and efficient to use, via video. Share tips and business gestures to maximize everyone’s comfort while at work.

Prevention videos featuring employee interviews are perfect to inform coworkers while highlighting the contributions of those involved in your projects. Share the advice and best practices of your stakeholders to boost overall knowledge and know-how.

Forget about video constraints

Kannelle’s added value for your HSE videos

Video is the best way to inform and share information in an impactful way. Make your prevention and information videos with Kannelle, our video solution.

Create as many prevention and safety videos as you want with our unlimited video solution! This way, you can keep control of your budget, even when facing unexpected events, without the need for a studio, freelance editor or production agency!

Thanks to our ready-made scenarios, save time! Forget all about complicated software! In just 15 minutes, you can create a prevention video that is ready to be broadcast on your LMS platform.

With Kannelle, you have all you need to master the creation of your HSE videos. With scenarios dedicated to training and prevention and automatic editing, you’ll be in control to produce branded videos in complete autonomy.

Kannelle’s strength is its simplicity! Any employee can take the lead and share safety tips and best practices. Through our customer success team’s advice and intuitive app, you have all you need to create videos with impeccable rendering and professional branding!

Draw inspiration from our clients

Our clients create their information-sharing and prevention videos with Kannelle
Visuel témoignage Cabinet Bedin
In this period of health crisis, this network of real estate agencies has created a prevention video around safety and hygiene rules set in place as part of their health protocol during property visits: safety distances, maximum number of people, wearing a mask. The goal there was to make clients feel at ease with visiting properties again. And to kill two birds with one stone: the video promotes a very nice property on the market. Proof that HSE is good for business!
Visuel témoignage groupe Avril
The industrial and financial leader of the French vegetable oil and protein industries leveraged Kannelle’ strength to create health, safety and hygiene prevention videos. Thanks to video, the group was able to share good practices with all departments.

In addition to warning and teaching the right gestures to adopt, APRIL demonstrated its interest in the safety and health of its employees.
Visuel témoignage Leon Grosse
This French construction company was able to conduct interviews with Kannelle. Architects and site foremen made these videos themselves, right on site. They shared their daily lives and followed up through construction sites updates and training material (for example, how to assemble a machine, dismantle a crane…). They were also able to communicate about good practices and systems put in place to ensure the safety of workers (new standards to be applied, mandatory on-site equipment, etc.).
Visuel témoignage Mairie de Montmorency
The city of Montmorency offered a video tutorial via Kannelle on how to wear your mask in public. This prevention video is part of the response to the Covid-19 crisis to promote hygiene guidelines and physical distancing.