Pro business videos with assisted video capture

The Kannelle solution has been designed tomake it easy to film like a pro using just a smartphone. The result? Professional videos every time, and for a fraction of the price, in 15 minutes flat.
Cadrez et stabilisez vos vidéos avec Kannelle
Shoot like a pro

Always well-framed and stabilised videos

Frame like a pro for great scenic composition. Ideal for your corporate video shoots, the Kannelle app is a true assistant that lets you film easily with your smartphone to create quality video footage from the get go.

During interview shots, Kannelle displays a silhouette on your smartphone screen to help you frame the speaker. With Kannelle, be sure to nail framing for each business video project. 

Portrait or landscape orientation? When shooting on mobile with the Kannelle app, there is no risk to get wrong: we remind you to position your mobile correctly, according to the chosen template.

Make sharp videos even without a tripod and say goodbye to “shaky” videos! Thanks to automatic  video capture stabilisation, be sure to create professional videos with your smartphone, whatever the setting.

With you when you film

Instructions and tips at each stage of your shoot

Time your sequences to the second, don’t think twice about the shot at hand, and never run out of ideas: the Kannelle team has everything planned to facilitate the filming of your business videos.

In Kannelle storyboards, each sequence has an “ideal” time  and a stopwatch is displayed during while shooting to keep your business video dynamic and in line with your scenario!

For each video sequence, find our practical advice to optimise the production and rendering of your videos. For example, in testimonial videos, we help you shoot an introduction that sets the scene.

Running out of inspiration or facing a problem? You are not alone: you can send us a message at any time via the app. The Kannelle Love Office will be there to help you, to advise you and to solve your problems, as quickly as possible!

Indications et astuces avec Kannelle
Importez des médias sur Kannelle
Make unique on-brand videos

Import media to collaborate and produce quickly

In addition to helping you shoot, the Kannelle app lets you import photos and videos from your smartphone gallery or content shared with you. That’s perfect for collaborating and creating a unique and personalised video.

Import media from your phone directly into the app. You can also manually trim and crop your shots with the Kannelle tools.

Import photos and video clips shared by your colleagues to create common projects. Put  any team and project in the spotlight, even if they are on the other side of the world!

With one click, choose the effect you want to apply to your footage, whether they are made with Kannelle or not: full screen or overlay, zoom and transition effects, etc.

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