Kannelle’s sustainability policy & commitments

Kannelle has decided to commit early in its corporate life to participate in making Society and planet Earth more sustainable environments.

This commitment encompasses measures to decrease our CO2 emissions, limit our waste production but also fight for good governance and lack of discrimination of any kind.

To make this commitment public but also build incentives to always do better, Kannelle voluntarily liaised and engaged with world-leading institutions: the United Nations Global Compact and the Earth Charter.

Kannelle supports the United Nations Global Compact

As a special initiative of the UN Secretary-General, the United Nations Global Compact is a call to companies everywhere to align their operations and strategies with Ten Principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. The ambition is to accelerate and scale the global collective impact of business by upholding the Ten Principles and delivering the Sustainable Development Goals through accountable companies and ecosystems that enable change. With more than 12,000 companies and 3,000 non-business signatories based in over 160 countries, and 69 Local Networks, the UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative — one Global Compact uniting business for a better world.

For more information, follow @globalcompact on social media and visit https://www.unglobalcompact.org.

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Kannelle supports the Earth Charter

The Earth Charter, crafted by visionaries twenty years ago, is a document with sixteen principles that turn conscience into action. It seeks to inspire in all people a new sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility for the well-being of the whole human family, the greater community of life, and future generations. It is a vision of hope and a call to action.

Read more about The Earth Charter.

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