Video makes training more engaging and effective.

Create lively and impactful training videos with Kannelle the all-in-one solution.

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La vidéo pour transmettre connaissances et compétences
Simplify the learning process

Training videos to share knowledge and skills

From onboarding to continuing education, training follows your employees throughout their careers within the company to adapt to the environment, procedures and new tools! How does video promote the transmission of knowledge ?

The challenges of our digital economy and the expectations of your employees converge: you need to be able to quickly circulate information in an easily assimilated format. This is where video comes in.

Key gestures, microlearning, tutorials: the opportunities to make your training simpler, more lively and faster are numerous. Integrating video into your training courses is a way to develop the retention and therefore the skills of your employees.

With the right production tools, video becomes an easy to produce training material. The Kannelle app makes you more productive with its guided filming and intelligent automatic editing.

For better feedback from the field and familiarization with your tools or processes, entrust the production of training videos to your teams on the ground. No video skills required with Kannelle !

Train effectively

Video for efficient and effective training

To grasp new processes and new tools, learning through video is much more efficient. Offer your employees the possibility to access simple and dynamic training videos that will facilitate the assimilation of knowledge and know-how.

Greet your team members effectively with video. With recorded video, your training programs are ready and directly accessible to new recruits at their own pace and without having to wait for a colleague to free up.

At every stage of your employees’ career, provide the right support to promote their success with adapted videos. Ensure upskilling and skills development with on-demand video training programs.

Does your e-learning and digital training strategy incorporate a Learning Management System? Including training videos which are produced in-house will increase your employees’ interest in the training courses offered by your company and therefore increase the efficiency of your training system.

In essence, microlearning must be brief, catchy and effective. The Kannelle solution integrates scenarios to easily and frequently produce short and engaging training videos. Entrust the production of microlearning videos to your training specialists or even to your field collaborators thanks to our authentic and playful scenarios.

La vidéo pour des formations efficaces

Video for all?
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Rely on your front line teams

Bring up the field knowledge in video

Your employees are in direct contact with your customers and your projects. They are the first to know what’s really happening in the field. Give them the means to share their experience and reinforce the content of your training courses.

By integrating video feedback from the field into your training course, you can help participants understand the real issues, skills and best practices of your field. With Kannelle, your employees can share their knowledge in a format that is simple to produce and accessible to all.

With recorded video content, share your collaborators’ testimonials broadly. Personalized scenarios in Kannelle help you keep your content homogenous, cohesive and easier to follow.

Information is constantly changing. With Kannelle, your stakeholders can quickly produce and update their video content and circulate it via your LMS or Enterprise Social Network. Thanks to our solution, all your teams can have access to up-to-date information in an easy to consult format.

Choose the right tool

Kannelle, the solution to meet the constraints of video training

Ensuring effective training and adopting video as a training medium are no easy tasks. You have to be able to produce quickly on a budget. We designed Kannelle to help you work within these constraints : a simple and fast solution to create unlimited videos.

By following each scenario step by step, your training or microlearning video will be ready in less than 15 minutes. Editing is done automatically, as soon as you finish shooting !

Whether within the app, through the scenarios or via our newsletters and webinars, we give you the best practices and tips to make your videos a success and the inspiration to get started !

You don’t need a big internal studio, a production agency or a freelance video maker editor to make professional videos! With Kannelle and its ready-to-shoot scripts, you can produce your own charismatic and dynamic training videos without limits !

Whatever your level of proficiency with video or that of your collaborators, making a professional and branded video with Kannelle does not require any magical skill. We guide you through all the steps so you can focus on the essential : knowledge sharing !

Draw inspiration from our clients

Our clients create their training videos with Kannelle
Visuel témoignages Sud Express Chantelle
These two ready-to-wear brands are using Kannelle to create training videos for their in-store sales forces. Best practices, hygiene practices, proper manners… Thanks to these training videos, their employees approach the sales process step by step, with the possibility to review tips and tricks over and over again so that they don’t forget anything. And they’re on their way to become the best in their field !
Visuel témoignage Insavalor
Insavalor, a subsidiary of INSA Lyon’s R&D, Valorization and Continuing Education department, has been helping companies with their continuing education for 30 years, and today it does so with Kannelle. Insavalor develops training videos using our handheld video solution to gain agility and follow the evolution of jobs and employees.
Visuel témoignage Clarins
This French cosmetics brand was looking to develop videos to meet its global training needs : it found the right solution with Kannelle. The initial program showed how simple it is to create professional videos. It has been so successful that Clarins is planning to roll out Kannelle in its foreign subsidiaries. An easy- to-make decision as Kannelle handles automatic subtitling in several languages.

Tips, best practices, product demonstrations… you too, like Clarins, can create engaging and homogenous training content with videos that can be shared among all employees and departments.
La vidéo pour vos formations
Inspire your collaborators

A video scenario for every training requirement

No matter what profession or sector your employees work in, video and training go hand in hand. With Kannelle, discover scenarios for any occasion in order to build your training programs quickly and simply.

It’s the perfect scenario for demonstrating products or services, explaining a sales process, and teaching key or safety gestures step-by-step. Explain in video each step of your training to ensure process assimilation and adoption of the right methods.

Introduce the important statistics and results you want to include in the training of your employees, either to develop their general knowledge of the business or to give them key indicators for their career path.

Let your experts express advice and points of view to give a more authentic dimension to your training videos using our “collaborator testimonial” scenario. Ensure effective experience sharing while making your company’s talents shine and feel valued.

With this scenario, create videos that will guide your collaborators step by step through learning your software (office automation, business). Nothing better to help them master your IT quickly.