Video makes training more engaging and effective.

Create lively and impactful training videos with Kannelle the all-in-one solution.
Créez facilement des vidéos pour former
Simplify the learning process

Training videos to share knowledge and skills

From onboarding to continuing education, training follows your employees throughout their careers within the company to adapt to the environment, procedures and new tools! How does video promote the transmission of knowledge ?
Train effectively

Video for efficient and effective training

To grasp new processes and new tools, learning through video is much more efficient. Offer your employees the possibility to access simple and dynamic training videos that will facilitate the assimilation of knowledge and know-how.
Rely on your front line teams

Bring up the field knowledge in video

Your employees are in direct contact with your customers and your projects. They are the first to know what’s really happening in the field. Give them the means to share their experience and reinforce the content of your training courses.
Choose the right tool

Kannelle, the solution to meet the constraints of video training

Ensuring effective training and adopting video as a training medium are no easy tasks. You have to be able to produce quickly on a budget. We designed Kannelle to help you work within these constraints : a simple and fast solution to create unlimited videos.

Video scenarios for any training


It’s the perfect scenario to demonstrate, explain a sales process or teach key actions step by step.

Key Figures

With this script, include key statistics and indicators in your training videos in an engaging way.


For authentic feedback, integrate an employee testimonial scenario into your training videos.
video interview white paper

White paper: interview tips

How to make a great video interview these days? What are the current trends? We tell you everything in our white paper!

Temoignage Nuxe sur la vidéo de formation
Video is an educational format that is very much appreciated by our consultants and our clients. It is visual and allows us to showcase our values and innovations with a very human touch.
Director of Scientific Communication and Training

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