Kannelle, the all-in-one video editing solution

With our video solution, shoot, edit and personalise your business videos in less than 15 minutes.

Always be inspired

Easy storyboarding

Create an original video while being guided! Kannelle’s video editing app  offers a library of ready-to-shoot storyboards. There is one for any occasion: employee testimonial, project report… Choosing might be the hardest!

Each storyboard includes storytelling help and tips to get you inspired and guide you.

Une one of our existing trendy storyboards, or directly create your own custom scenario in our video editing app!

Use one of our storyboards as template or edit the scenario as you’re shooting by adding or deleting scenes according to your needs.

Shoot like a pro

Guided video shooting

The Kannelle video editing app guides you during your video shoots: create pro-looking business videos just with your smartphone!

Create quality videos thanks to the integrated stabilizer and our framing silhouette.

Always count on our tips within the Kannelle app and our Love Office’s support!

Shoot directly in the app or easily import footage and media from your smartphone gallery.

Edit without skills or training

Automatic smart video editing

The Kannelle app features automated editing. Enjoy quality post-production and dynamic videos thanks to smart editing.

Set up your brand assets once and enjoy video animations that are automatically adjusted to your fonts and colours.

In just one click, add text and animations to energise your video.

Modulate sound and music manually or use automatic balancing.

Let your brand shine through

Animations with your visual identity

With Kannelle, videos follow your brand identity! Your colours, logo, jingles and fonts are set up in our video editing app so that each business videos is automatically branded with your visual identity.

Kannelle integrates colours that are pre-set in your business visual identity for videos that are always on brand.

You videos become easily identifiable when your logo is watermarked. Thanks to one-click logo integration.

Choose the jingles and music that you want to use in all types of video projects once: they are directly available in the app.

Add rhythm and emotion

Music library

Kannelle comes with a rich royalty free music library for all types of business video. You can also import your corporate music so that any employee can access them in the app.

Choose your favorite music in Kannelle’s library, which offers more than a hundred royalty free tracks.

If you want to use your own songs: import them in the app and use them straight away! With Kannelle, it’s easy.

With our ducking feature, the music volume is smartly adjusted so that the voice remains audible.

Get support and inspiration

Our Love Office for support and customer care

Our team is always here to listen and supports you from day 1 through training, tips and inspiration so that you can nail each video project.

If you have any question, contact our Love Office anytime by chat, email or by phone.

Our professionnal offer gives you access to permanent training, without limit, for each user. That way, you’ll have access to all the tools and tips you need to be efficient.

Each week, Kannelle’s team posts guides and inspirationnal videos so you can always be inspired in your video projects.