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JULY 2021

How to choose a video editing solution for your team

The growing need to integrate video into your communications strategy makes it necessary to find THE right video editing solution for the entire business.

With many PC, web-based and mobile apps around, what solutions should you pick to make captivating videos? Take a closer look in our guide and its bonus specifications sheet.


Master the art of the video interview

The video interview has an important place in digital communications. Customer testimonials and expert opinions are ideal for creating dynamic and authentic videos.

So, what is the key to a successful video interview? We give you the trends and best practices in our video interview guide. Download it now!


Business video puts on a show

Video has established itself as the star format in communications and marketing. Why? It addresses many business challenges from introducing a new recruit to the team to optimising website conversions.

As the trend is to bring video production in house, read our guide to gain autonomy and speed! And find out how to create great business videos. Download now!


Setting up a content factory to boost content marketing

Many businesses have embraced content marketing to attract and convert customers effectively. And to be able to deliver relevant content to prospects, frequently and cost-effectively, marketing teams are now creating content factories in-house.

How do you set up a content factory and adopt video on a large scale? Download this guide to discover how we did it!
APRIL 2020

Create your business videos from home!

Communicating has never been so important for training, informing and creating bonds within teams. But how do you create when you’re working from home or in the field?

Master sound, framing, lighting at home and be super-efficient with our expert advice. Download our guide now and start producing videos like a pro.

MARCH 2020

Employee advocacy 2.0: moving to video

Who are the best ambassadors for your business? Your employees, of course. They are the best to talk about the brand, their knowledge and their team! That’s what 59% of consumers think.

How do you set up your employee advocacy programme and adopt video? How do you convince management and inspire your colleagues to become spokespeople? Download our guide and get all the answers!

february 2020

Orchestrate your videos with royalty-free music!

Music is an essential part of any business video: it enhances the video by adding emotion and dynamism. Now, how do you find the perfect music for your video? Which platforms should you turn to for royalty-free music? How do you organise a music library internally?

Download this guide to get all the answers!

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