Adopt video to make your internal newsletter shine

Freshen up your internal newsletter with videos that you can create quickly with Kannelle, the all-in-one video solution.
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Engage your employees

The video newsletter to inform and engage your internal audiences

A good newsletter is one everyone awaits and whose content never disappoints. Switching to video newsletters lets you capture the moment and generate strong engagement – it’s a prerequisite to be sure information reaches your audience.

Social media has democratised video. Adopting video means meeting the expectations of your employees and being sure to engage them.

No need for long emails. Summarise the news at hand in an engaging format like an interview or a quick field documentary…

Who said internal communications have to be boring? Entertain your employees with news presented in a light and punchy video format.

Share the highlights

The video newsletter, ideal for sharing business news and life

A newsletter that contains a short and dynamic video is ideal for informing your employees who are used to modern formats on their personal networks. With Kannelle, easily create newsletter videos that will delight the whole team.

In video, announcements and information are faster to follow than in writing. With our Kannelle app, create a short video for your newsletter in 15 minutes. Share the excitement with everyone in the business.

The video newsletter lends itself to many variations: employee interviews, testimonials, seminar summaries, official announcements… And everything is more dynamic with video!

The battle for attention is also raging internally. Rely on video for more effective communications and a more modern image. Ain’t that perfect to build team loyalty?

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Strengthen team cohesion

Videos to put employees in the spotlight and build relationships

Including video in a newsletter is an excellent way to strengthen bonds between employees by playing on emotions and highlighting profiles, projects and successes. And with Kannelle, it takes just 15 minutes.

Welcoming new recruits is important for their integration into the team. Conduct interviews that you can compile to introduce newcomers to each issue.

Recognising employees’ efforts and highlighting their successes lets you build pride and a sense of belonging! Include a few success stories in each newsletter, and you’re done!

Celebrate the talents and contributions of your employees, individually and as a team, in each video newsletter. Appreciation and recognition are essential to keep teams motivated.

Choose the right video tool

Kannelle to edit videos for your newsletter and refresh internal comms

Add some punch to your internal newsletter with Kannelle’s features: ready-to-use storyboards, assisted video capture, and automated smart editing. Including a video in your newsletter takes only 15 minutes.

Kannelle makes it easy to create a video through ready-to-use storyboards that include best practices, guided capturing and smart editing. Everything is thought  to save you time.

A smartphone is the only tool you need to create videos for your newsletters! With Kannelle, get a  professional result, without investing in equipment… or an agency.

Kannelle takes care of everything: no technical skills required to create a professional video! Anyone can create a video for your newsletter on their own.

Video guide

Employee video guide

Discover our guide to develop your video strategy and boost your communications.


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