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September 2021

Business video is so easy

Business video doesn’t always sound like something simple. We think of big corporate films like Apple’s for example. But formats and objectives are very diverse. And in fact, business video is easy. 

Not convinced? In this guide, we give you 13 tips to make business video super easy. We also provide 23 examples to get inspired!

JUNE 2021

Corporate video in a new light!

While quick to adopt technological advances, corporate video has hardly changed and lacks originality, due the many constraints  of the genre. Yet, some businesses are breaking the mold and a wind of creativity is blowing through corporate videos.

See corporate video in a new light and say goodbye to boring clichés:  download our guide!

APRIL 2021

Engage with employee video

There is much to say about Employee video! But how to convince your hierarchy and your colleagues? What formats should you create? And how should you organise content production and distribution?

We have the answers and more in our Employee Video guide. Download it now and benefit from our customers’ experience.


Video to the rescue!

It’s time to get back on track. Not easy though. Yet it’s more vital than ever to communicate, whether it’s to train, engage or sell… And for that, there’s nothing better than video.

And if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, you can start with the examples, best practices and trends unearthed by our experts. Everything is summarized in this guide. Download it now!

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