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With Kannelle, create video tutorials in just 15 minutes to train employees and answer customers’ questions
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Engaging customers with video tutorials

Video is the most effective medium to help customers understand your business’ products and services. Making a video tutorial has become essential for training and providing the right information at the right time, to your employees as well as your customers and prospects.

Video tutorials are very easy to follow, and now very easy to create with Kannelle. And add animations and automatic subtitles for more accessibility!

Video generates more engagement than any other medium! With Kannelle, you can create a professional video tutorial in 15 minutes. This way, you can produce and share videos on social and web platforms more often.

Your customers are looking for quick and relevant answers. Each video tutorial you produce saves time to your customer service team! That’s a great to better allocate your resources.

Training with agility

Making video tutorials to help employee development

Very concrete and accessible, video tutorials have become essential in professional training, be it for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, onboarding or microlearning… Integrate video to develop skill levels easily with Kannelle!

Whether it’s training for a new piece of software, a technical competency or a management skill, employees are the best qualified to train their peers! With the Kannelle app, any employee can create a video tutorial on a smartphone.

Video tutorials are perfect for training new recruits on business processes and software. That’s perfect to welcome newcomers while giving them moreย  autonomy and supportย  to train at their own pace.

Available at any time and in any place, short, “snackable” video tutorials are very practical. As soon as an employee encounters a problem or needs to develop a new skill, he or she can consult the appropriate video tutorial, whether behind a desk or in the field!

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Create without limits

Show and tell with Kannelle, the solution to create a tutorial simply

Video production can be internalized, to create tutorials without limits! With Kannelle, any collaborator can make a video tutorial with no particular skill. All one needs is 15 minutes, their smartphone and Kannelle.

The app offers a dozen customisable storyboards to prepare the scenario for your tutorial. The Kannelle team prepared sequences that are already scripted and organised! All you have to do is use them as inspiration and basis for your own video.

Shoot directly within the app on your smartphone. You are guided all the way with a timer to get the right rhythm, tips for inspiration and image stabilization for a professional video result!

No technical skills? No problem! Kannelle automates the editing of your video tutorial: add music, animations, and even subtitles in one click!

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