Video for all business use cases

With Kannelle, the video pro solution, create and share video content for all your business needs.
Create a mind-blowing brand identity

Business video

Video is a mandatory format to communicate. External or internal comm’, Employer Brand… Show a modern and dynamic image of your business. Kannelle app lets you create authentic videos that look like you!

Customer testimonial

Your customers’ opinions and testimonials are crucial for your company: shot these videos in just 15 minutes, and share them quickly on to your social media and website. Discover how to make testimonial videos very simply with Kannelle.
Train and onboard with agility

Video tutorial

Clients and prospects need to understand the added value and the functioning of their products and services, to know how to install them, to use them, even to repair them. Well, video is the best format to do train them! Engage your customers and boost your employees’ competencies easily with Kannelle’s video tutorial scenarios.
Put the light on your collaborators

Employee testimonial

Video interview has everything it takes to be a great format: authentic and easy to produce, build a bond with your audience by giving a voice to your collaborators. Kannelle is made to easily produce perfect videos for Marketing, HR and Communications teams.
Wake up your mailing lists

Video newsletter

A good newsletter is looked forward to. Use video to remain trendy and boost engagement. With Kannelle, the video newsletter is created within 15 minutes.
Get talked about in video

Employee advocacy video

Your employees are your best ambassadors! Build trust with your prospects, clients and talents and inform them with employee advocacy videos. These formats can be created very quickly with Kannelle, the all-in-one video solution.

Do you need to create videos?

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