Advanced management of your brand assets for always-branded videos

Set up all the elements of your visual identity and define how they should be used easily on the Kannelle platform.
Provide your team with the right tools

A platform to define your brand assets and their use

With Kannelle, manage all the elements of your visual identity for each of your teams. Determine who can use each element and how. This saves time while creating videos!

An asset library and rules that are always up to date

Update the visual identities for each team or entity in one click. Lock in the use of each element to ensure consistent and always-branded videos.
My favorite feature of Kannelle is being able to choose colors, music and themes to make my video look super professional, and it's all very fast.
Communication Officer
Réseau C.U.R.I.E
video interview white paper

White paper: video interview

Find our tips to set the stage for creative and effective video testimonials.

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